Booth set-up period:
  • Wednesday, April 17th from 13:00h to 23:00h and Thursday, April 18th from 6:00 AM to 9:00 AM
Is there an Exhibitors' Guide?
Equipment delivery.
Can I reserve a larger booth than shown on the plan?
  • Yes, depending on availability, we can offer space for an extra-large kiosk. Contact Pierre Lachapelle 514 591-3189 or direction@aqie.ca to discuss your needs.
What type of flooring does Salon offer?
  • The showroom floor is carpeted. If your equipment can damage the carpet, you'll need a carpet pad to protect the existing one. Contact DEE, Dianne Lachance 514 - 646 - 2251 if necessary.
Where can I get a rigid or flexible kiosk with all the accessories?
What exactly does the Show provide for my booth space?
  • Unless otherwise specified by you to DEE (Dianne Lachance 514 - 646 -2251) your space includes curtains according to the format of your rented space.

Each space includes back and side curtains

  • 1 back wall 8’ high by the width of your booth
  • 2 side walls 3’ high by the width of your booth
  • 1 bin + bags


Please indicate this on the order form.

Can I exhibit with very large equipment?
  • The convention center may limit the display of very large equipment due to limitations on electrical voltage and/or access to your booth.

  • However, the following voltages are available: 120- 240 and 600 volts.
    To obtain the electrical source required for your booth, contact Nancy Sarrazin at 450-687-8012 or e-mail StMartin Électrique at congres@stmartinelectrique.ca.

  • You'll also need your own carts to transport your equipment. See the Sheraton exhibitor guide for details. Click HERE
Am I responsible for my electricity?
  • Yes, each exhibitor must request the power supply according to his needs. Contact Nancy Sarrazin of Saint-Martin Électrique at 450- 687-8012.
Can I store my booth after the show?
  • No storage, unless by special arrangement with the Sheraton Laval, will be tolerated after the dismantling date. Failure to comply will result in a fee of $1,000/day. The Sheraton Laval is not responsible for the loss or theft of any material.
Display: Can I hang equipment and/or displays from the ceiling?
  • NO. Due to the special conditions at the Sheraton, it will not be possible to suspend ceiling displays this year.
Internet access: Do exhibitors have access to the Internet?
  • Internet is not included in the showroom. However, for a fee applicable by Sheraton, it is possible to have access to the Internet on request (minimum 2 weeks before the event).

  • You can send your request by e-mail to SHERATON Mélanie Demers: mdemers@sheraton-laval.com

  • However, for mini-conferences, an Internet connection is available for 1 device only.

  • Internet access is available in public places.
Do exhibitors benefit from a special room rate at the Sheraton?
What sanitary measures are required?
  • Reservation BANQUET

- To buy your ticket, click here: https: //legrandrendezvous.ca/banquet/

- If you would like to reserve a full table for you and your guests, that's 8 people. Please contact Huguette Chartrand. cell. 514 497- 8362, B. 514 876-4176 or info@aqie.ca

  • The Exhibitors' Banquet will be held at 7 p.m. on Thursday, April 18, at the Sheraton Laval.

  • You must confirm your menu choice by March 30 at info@aqie.ca to avoid additional charges. A form will be sent to you when you register for the Banquet.
What should I wear?
  • Evening wear

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